Introducing Delta 9o

Introducing Delta 9o: All You Need to Know About This New Cannabinoid

Delta 9o is a brand-new cannabinoid, but many people are not aware of what it exactly is. Many different marijuana and THC products are on the market today, but none like that of the new Delta 9o. This is a game changer for those who are familiar with the industry!

Combining the properties of THCO and Delta 8, this product is more potent and unique than the other forms of federally legal THC products on the market. It provides a longer high, quicker onset, but with all the benefits that any other THC product provides. 

Even for those well-versed in the industry but unaware of this new product, this article will provide all the information you need to know about Delta 9o. You'll learn what it is, how it's made, how it works, and the side effects of using the substance. 

We will also cover some of the most frequently asked questions, such as whether it's legal or safe to use, given its increased potency and other factors. By the end, you’ll see the value just as we do in this new fantastic item!

Let's get into exactly what this new substance is and why the hemp industry is so excited about its introduction into the market.

What is Delta 9o?

Delta 9o is the abbreviated name for delta-9 THCO-o-acetate. This substance is very similar to delta-8 THC-o-acetate, also referred to as THCO. For those unfamiliar with THCO, this substance has three times the potency of regular THC. It was developed in the 1970s but has become significantly popular today as it has become more refined and safer to use.

What makes Delta 9o unique is the fact that it is made of acetylated compounds. Acetylated compounds typically have a higher potency regardless of the base substance used that makes them. This substance was designed to push the power of THC to the absolute limit. There is still research being done today to discover what that actual limit is, but it remains federally legal.

Is Delta 9o Legal?

Despite what people might believe, Delta 9o is legal, and it's due to a bill that was passed in 2018. Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill that opened the hemp market to other cannabinoid products that are not pure marijuana. This changed the way that states dealt with THC and made clearer boundaries of what was legal, and what is not.

This is why Delta 9o is legal now: because there's been an extension of the different products that can be sold now that are not considered pure THC, which is why this substance, as well as several others, are currently sweeping the nation and becoming more widespread, even in states without the legalization of marijuana.

How Is Delta 9o Made?

Many people might wonder precisely how it's made because ordinary marijuana is typically harvested and produced in various formats. However, Delta 9o has a particular process that allows it to share the base cannabinoid extract but enhance its potency to a new level.

Delta 9o is made through acetylation, which means they apply an acetate substance to a base cannabinoid extract. When this happens, the extract isolated is CBD that was converted to THC through an enzymatic process. 

Thus, this is why Delta 9o can retain both properties of THC and CBD. This is a similar process to how THCO is produced. It also is why many people have made the comparison in the industry.

How Does Delta 9o Work?

If you're looking to use this product to help with specific pain relief, migraines, or even with producing hunger, this is a great product to use. Delta 9o can be consumed in several different ways. 

The most common way today is through a vape cartridge when the vapor is sucked into the lungs. It ends up through the respiratory system, the digestive system, in the liver and is then broken down into the following components: Delta 9 THC and THC acetate.

In the liver, Delta 9 THC will be left behind and interact with the body through the bloodstream, eventually entering the endocannabinoid system in every human. This is when the symptoms begin to become noticeable. Many people have reported that they already feel an effect up to 20 minutes after taking the substance. 

Even more so, this process through the body also delivers a more extended interaction with the body. This allows the symptoms to have a quicker onset and remain within the body much longer for added relief.

Positive Side Effects of Delta 9o

There are many positive side effects to using Delta 9o, which is why many people have turned to this product in recent years, aside from the fact that it's legal. 

Boosted Mood

One of the first symptoms is boosted mood, which it's common among all THC or CBD products. This is to help people overcome anxiety and depression or relieve any negative feelings they're having at that moment.

Calming Agent

THC, even Delta 9o, can also produce calmness in the individual. This is great for anxiety and other challenging periods in one’s life because people feel relief from the challenges of their life and can relax when they take the substance.

Relief from Pain

Another very significant and one of the most common reasons why people continue using marijuana is the fact that there is relief from pain. In particular, Delta 9o delivers potent relief up to three times the ordinary dosage of marijuana.

Improved Sleep

This is excellent news for insomnia individuals because Delta 9o can improve sleep and allow the body to become more relaxed. This will get people on a better circadian rhythm and give them better rest and better immune support.


Hunger is another fundamental reason people take THC or CBD because the substance typically helps with producing hunger. This makes people eat more food, and for many who are going through treatments or struggling with certain disorders, this might be a great addition to getting their health back on track.

Adverse Side Effects of Delta 9o

Unfortunately, there are some adverse side effects to using Delta 9o. However, it's important to note that not all of these are that common. These negative symptoms are similar to those experienced with THC. For those who have experience with marijuana products, these symptoms will be nothing new.

Dry Mouth

As with every other THC product, Delta 9o creates the symptom of a giant mouth, which can be unpleasant, but easily remedied with more hydration. This is usually a mild symptom with no severe effects.

Dry, Red, or Itchy Eyes

Again, Delta 9o also produces another similar symptom many marijuana users might be used to dry, red, or itchy eyes. Furthermore, keep some eye drops on hand, take your contacts out for the night, and enjoy the high while you can.

Worried or Clouded Thoughts

Another significant symptom that people often do not discuss is another meaningful sign concerning THC-related products: anxious or clouded thoughts, which can produce anxiety symptoms.

If you struggle with enjoying your high on Delta 9o, contact your local dispensary to see if there’s another suitable option or way to manage this side effect. 

Is Delta 9o Safe?

Yes! Delta 9o is incredibly safe and non-toxic. This has been produced in a lab but has always been derived from the natural THC plant. There is no reason this plant would cause any more danger than previous strains or types of cannabinoid products on the market. Even then, these products produce very little, if any, dangerous qualities.

Where Can I Buy Delta 9o?

You can buy this product in many places now that it's available in the market, but Delta Life Hemp provides many options for those looking to buy Delta 9o. Currently, some of our most popular products include vape pens, sold in disposable format for your convenience.

We have the following strains and will continue to expand and provide even more as this new product becomes more widely available:

HYBRID Maui Wowie

This product is a hybrid strain and, like other THC products, offers a smoother and more potent effect than others. It's even produced with live resin terpenes, which allows for the highest quality product at an affordable price.

INDICA Mimosa 

This Indica strain is perfect for a relaxing evening at home and blended with only live resin terpenes. This high-quality product is another top seller in our Delta 9o blends and the first of many Indica strains to come.

SATIVA Blue Hurricane

This product will provide the fuel needed for those looking to launch into creativity on a new high. Also, in a live resin, this Delta 9o delivers a smooth and robust effect at an affordable price. 

Get Your Delta 9o Today!

We hope this article provided you with a lot of insight into this new and fantastic THC product! For more information or to buy your own to feel relief and relaxation, visit our website today to learn more and check out our store.